Monday, April 26, 2010

If I Knew You were Coming I'd Have Baked a Cake

My Daughter-in-law was having a birthday. Not just any birthday. Her 25th. Quarter of a century.I was going to make a birthday lunch for her and what birthday meal is ever complete without a cake? But, I know she LOVES cheesecake. So, I thought I would go buy one.

Then I remembered I have a cheesecake pan. I have never used it. Apparently I think that making a cheesecake from scratch is reserved for Professional Cooks. ( and I usually most always take the easy road for cooking, like box mixes for instance) And also I was a little intimidated by that pan. I have no idea why. It has never been used. I think we got it as a wedding gift, ummmm 26 plus years ago.

But, in my wanting to bless her on her birthday I decided to get out that pan and find a recipe and take on the challenge. I found a recipe I liked in a Southern Living Christmas Cookbook. It's called Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake. All three of those words make me hungry.
Above are all the ingredients you needed. Cream Cheese, eggs, butter, oreos, sugar,vanilla, heavy cream and chocolate chunks. And that good 'ole cheesecake pan sitting all so lonely over the years in the cupboard. You need a good mixer like the NICE Kitchen Aid pictured below. It belongs to my daughter but, she's sweet enough to let me use it when needed.

First step, was the coarsely chop about 20 of the oreos, which I enjoyed doing with my HUGE knife. A lovely Christmas gift one year from my Brother. My oldest son just sharpened all my knives and I have nearly cut off my fingers many times. But, thankfully, all my appendages are accounted for.
This picture is just to scare ya. Boo! I spent most of my time this afternoon popping in and out of my youngest sons room looking like this. Don't worry though, he's 17, passed the age of being scared of his Mommy.
After I crushed the cookies, I mixed it with some melted butter and that made the crust of the cheesecake. I did have a lovely assistant helping me. It took a while to set up these cooking pictures. ( harder than we thought)

Me.......* do it slower, I can't get a clear shot*
Her.....* you're being too picky, this bowl is hot, I'm just gonna dump it in*
Me......*lets re-d0 this one*
Her......* you are strange*
Me......* it's for my bbllllooooogggg*
Same rolling pin we got at our wedding shower in October of 1983. Practically an antique.After mixing all the cream cheese, she adds the sugar.
Then the four large eggs but, slowly one at a time.

And these are the ingredients that put the cheesecake over the top. The chunks of chocolate, the chopped oreos and what desert is worth a flip without some vanilla extract? Yum!

Sometimes when I wear the mask, it makes her want to wear it too. She was stirring and wearing and wearing and stirring. But, ever so gently. We couldn't wait to lick the bowl and the spatula. Yes, even though there were raw eggs in the batter. It would be worth it to us if we got some sickness form it. Totally worth it.
Into the pan. Oh, if pans could talk, I know this one was excited!! Used for the first time...EVER!!
But, now I can't lick the spatula with my mask on. The holes are too small. I am just devastated.
Oh there, I got some. Just a little though, this mask is a great dieting idea. Maybe I could market it. Eat whatever fits through this little hole and you'll lose pounds like crazy. No, not going to do it. Reminds me of being wired shut too much and drinking everything through a straw. * big breath* and that's a WHOLE other story.
Look at all these dirty dishes.
Who will wash them? Hello? Where did everyone
go? Somebody want to help?

Who am I kidding? I'll get to them later!
And the cheesecake is finished and the house smells terrific! Now, if we can just wait until tomorrow to taste it.
We did it. We waited and she was thrilled with her Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake Birthday Cake. It really was rich an yummy and enjoyed by everyone. (even the littlest Hanselwoman)


  1. Yuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm! I want to make that and eat it right now! Especially the oreo crust. Whew! Step away from the cheesecake, Tara. I need to borrow your mask.

  2. this was the best recipe blog i've seen. :) and i love the "diet" idea.
    would you be so kind as to share the recipe with me? jason's favorite dessert is cheesecake and i would love to try this sometime. thanks.

  3. MMMmmmmm.....I bet that pan was happy. Oh to be a cake pan!! (sigh)

  4. Pioneer Woman would be proud. And, I love the song you used for your title. Melia and I can sing it very well!

  5. To think I was so scared of it for so long.Sigh. I'll send you the recipe via facebook, Kelli!!

  6. This post is soo funny! I am LOVIN' the adds a certain....flare! to your cooking. It could be your slogan "Scary good!"!