Friday, May 14, 2010

You Are My Sunshine

It happened again. For the 44th time. I had another birthday and I am extremely thankful to have another one. We celebrated on Mothers Day with a delicious meal cooked by my son and daughter in law at their home. Ray and the kids spoiled me with flowers and charms for my Pandora Bracelet and we all had lunch together again the next day. These are my most favorite people in the world and how blessed I am that they call me Mommy or Mah, or Nay or Jannie or just Jana.Sorry that Ray isn't pictured, someone had to take the picture.
My brother and his wife sent me one of the best gifts I have ever gotten. It was a video in my e-mail of my nephew and niece singing Happy Birthday to me and singing other awesome songs to, like You Are My Sunshine. And my new niece was in the video though at one month old, she's not singing yet.It made me cry and I have probably watched it over 15 times so far. When Kissy came over the next day, I showed it to her and she loved it. She now asks for it and here are some photos of her watching it.
There they are on the computer singing and she is loving it. Her smile is huge. Wait til you see below.
This is the face she makes when Baby Charley makes a little cry. She's really worried about her.
And this is the HUGE smile she has when Gracie is singing You Are My Sunshine. I love it and I love my family so much!
This is the first cookie cake I have ever gotten that didn't say "JANA". Rachel had them put my Grandmother name on it and I think it's just perfect!

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