Thursday, June 24, 2010


Time for another cooking time with me! I have the name of my Cookbook that I shall write one day. COOKING SO GOOD IT'S SCARY!!!! My friend suggested this after my last cooking blog while wearing the mask. This is a recipe that my Mom used to make for our family and I LOVED, LOVED it when this is what we were having for dinner. Usually on a church night where there wasn't much time. All you need is...some hot dogs and buns, an onion, some mayo, some mustard and some ketchup. No need to go buy special ingredients.
You chop the onion and the goal being to see if you can do it without crying. I did! Woot, woot! And then you add them to a bowl and all some ketchup ( wish you could hear the way my Grandprincess says ketchup...sounds like chep-up), then some mayo and mustard. No measurements, just a nice amount of each.

Then you mix it all together to make this yummy hotdog sauce. My Mom worked at Warner Brothers in Marianna, FL (before I was even born) and she got this recipe from a beautful lady named Mrs. McDowell who ran the cafeteria there.

Then you spoon on your already cooked ball park franks and buns and bake in at 350 degree oven just a few minutes until the buns are lightly browned.

You might notice, there is one sauceless frank in the pile. Not everyone in my family is a fan of this. ( I will not point out their name...only their initials....*cough* cough* RLH)

Then you eat and you usually need a fork and they really are good. I was on the phone with my son and he and his daughter were coming by, I said, I'll cook us a hot dog and he quickly replied, with the sauce??? Yes, it has become a family favorite to my kids too! Hope you try it and enjoy!

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  1. Think I'll have to go with RLH on that one. Don't like onions.