Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Do you ever feel really really bad when it's time to put away the Christmas cards?
Especially the ones with these awesomely cute family photos?
Especially the ones with the cutie patootie kids on them?
Yet... you know you have clean up the Christmas decor and well, what are you gonna do?
Here's what I came up with.

I started a few years ago making a collage out of them on our bulletin board.
That way we all can keep enjoying seeing our friends and family everyday.
And I know what a family goes through to make these cards and I don't want to waste anyones time or money.

And I just like looking at people I love.
When our kids were little we started a tradition that on the beginning of the New Year we would put all the Christmas cards in a basket and leave it near the dinner table.
And each night we would pull out a Christmas card and when we prayed for our dinner, we would also pray for that family or that person that sent us that card.
It was a fun tradition for many years.
But, it did have it's drawbacks as the kids would fight over who did it last night and who gets to do it this night and well, you get that mental picture don't you?
A nice family meal and our kids are fighting over who we are going to pray for!! Goodness!
Now, it's mostly me dealing with the Christmas cards and I love it.
I display them all on a snowman card wreath.
Then I make the collage out of the photo ones but, I still save the other cards in a box and I do, take the time to pray for each person.
I wish our dear inflation in this country hasn't made it to where we can't afford to send out as many as we used to or even not at all.
Maybe you might make a collage out of yours this year.
The one from 2010, I left up until October of 2011.
I will never tire of looking at these good looking people!
Maybe you could start a new tradition with your kids of praying for your Christmas card senders.
I know we all need prayer and especially on those times that we haven't asked for it or we even know someone is praying for us.
2012 Resolution???? Pray!! Pray!!! and Pray!!!


  1. love that!!! (there's me, there's me!!)

  2. awww....now I'm really sad I wasn't able to send ours out this year!