Friday, October 19, 2012

Going To The Chapel

This past weekend my daughter and I threw a wedding shower for our sweet friend, Sarah.

She is marrying Jeff in January.

We made it a salad shower.

And cupcakes, of course. Can't go wrong with cupcakes.

We had this idea to ask Jeff a few things that he loved about Sarah (without her knowing) and then we painted some frames grey and printed what he said and framed it. It made the table decor simple but, personalized for Sarah.

I think his words made her cry a little bit. He got some major fiance points on Sunday!

More salads.

Isn't this the sweetest thing?

Instead of a sign in book. We had stone and everyone signed their name on one side and then a word for marriage on the other. Then they will have a nice table centerpiece reminding them of good things about being married.

For take home favors for the guests, we made "smores for two" baggies.

Everyone was happy to have something to take home with them. I did eat a couple of them before the shower and after.

The whole table.

By the way, ladies do not eat as many breadsticks as men do. We still have a refridgerator full of them.

Rachel, the gracious and hard working host.

Sarah, the bride-to-be with one of the things her hubby-to-be said about her.

Sarah enjoying all her gifts and Laura writing them down. You know the drill. Gotta get those thank you notes out.

This is Sarah and her little sister, Natalie.

A sign we made her. Thanks to pinterest for the idea.

My dear friend, Marta is Sarah's Mom. We are blessed to be a part of this happy time in their lives.

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