Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mothers Day in our Family

We started a tradition with all the girls in our family on Mothers Day and its really been fun. I wanted to share it with you and maybe you would want to also do this in your family. Its the traditions and times together that we cherish. This was our Third year doing it. We meet at a Restaurant. This year we went to Zoes Kitchen. It was really good and perfect weather to sit outside. Each of us brings a gift to exchange that has something about our own Mom's. We all wind up learning something we didnt know about everyone and laughing and sometimes even crying a little.

Emily got my gift about my Mom which was a pair of big dangly earrings and a sign. The reason behind them was my parents wouldn't let me get my ears pierced until I was 15 and then, I believe it was only because I begged for atleast 10 years! But, when I did I couldn't wear dangly earrings and then when Mother was 60, she finally got her ears pierced but, she won't wear dangly ones! And the sign is a song she always has sung to all the grandkids!

Mother got Gayles Gift about Grannie Creel which was a bag of sugar, a scoop, tea bags and pretty pitcher. I didn't know this but, Grannie always had a pitcher of tea in her fridge but, never drank tea herself. Cool memory!

Kiera got Rachels gift about me. It was my favorite candy...snickers! A package of sharpies cause I'm the sharpie addict. I rarely write with a pen that's not a sharpie. 3 Cd's of 80's music cause that's what I like! Some tylenol and lotion because of my recent back surgery.

Rachel got Emily's gift about Gayle. It was a beautiful serving tray and a serving dish and snicker bar. The reason was that her mom is always serving everyone. I say amen to that! Love my Auntie Gayle! And snickers are her favorite! ( must run in the family)

Gayle got Catty's gift about her mom, Maw Maw. It was a plate that had a saying on it that Maw Maw used to say all the time and a chicken to decorate the kitchen with cause Maw Maw raised chickens and did the things we don't like to know about like kille em, pluck em and fry em up for dinner!!

I got Kieras gift about her Mom ( and she included me also) which was bath stuff with beach smells! Her mom loves the beach and a nice relaxing bath. It smells so good and the candle is beautiful and the salt scrub is awesome. I love it!

Mabry Lynn got Isabellas which were Frozen books and Frozen painting book because Isabella says she likes her Mom to read with her and do crafts with her. And Isabella got Mabry Lynns gift about  her mom, Emily...which was a play camera and some teeth ice cube molds because her mom is a photographer and she likes to clean teeth! Its so sweet to teach our little gals about appreciating things about their moms!

They took turns taking pretend photos of each other! It was a wonderful day!

Last year we met at Chick Salad Chick. I really liked it but, have never been back. Whats wrong with me? Isabella wanted to share the story of the sand dollar with everyone while we were all together. It was sweet!

I always make sure the girls have a little something to do at the restaurant since we are usually there a long time.

This is Catty with her gift.

Kiera was about to cry about the sweet things that Isabella said about her .

These two cuties!

Isabella with her gift.

Kourtney with her gift.

Emily with hers. Someones mom has a sweet tooth!

Me again with mine. A basket of pasta to cook and enjoy! We did!

Kiera and her gift. Someones Mom like nail polish but, I'm not saying.....:)

Rachels and her gift which was a bling ring!

Aunt Gayle with her gift which was an apron and a harmonica. She didn't wear that to the resturant! Whew! :)

All of us again. Funny thing, I was in so much pain with my back that day that I had to stand up the whole time! Funny now......not, funny then!

Since it was Our Grannie Creels birthday we released 2 helium balloons to her and Gayle was telling the girls why we were doing that but they just wanted to keep the balloons!

Gayles girls....minus Kelsey.

Catty's girl and my girls.

This was the first one at The Broken Egg. It was super crowded and not much room to do gifts so I didn't get any gift photos but, I do remember Kourtneys was the funniest!

Cousins playing and having such a good time !

How cute are these brown eyed girls!

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