Thursday, February 25, 2010

You've Got A Friend In Me

When you're 13, you desperately want to be cool and fit in. Every Friday night, I went skating with my friends. If you brought your own skates and didn't have to rent them, you were cool. For my 13th birthday, this was my present from my brother. He made me cool, if only for a short time. They used to have powder blue pom poms on them. They mean so much to me that I still have them. They still fit. I must have been a big 13 year old.
This is my big brother. This was taken before I was born. He has no idea how wierd his world was about to be with a sister like me coming into it. He would never need to talk again, I could do all of his talking for him. I wouldn't pick anyone else in this whole world to have the title of my Big Brother.
I broke my leg when I was 14 months old. I wore this cast for a whole summer. It's over 42 years old and I still have it. That's gross but, I can't seem to bring myself to throw it away.
Here we are on the car. That's my brother and that's my cast.


  1. Wow! This is so cool :) Your pics of the cast and skates look so neat. You are so interesting! LOVE IT!

  2. WwwwoWWWWW! You have a cast from when you were 14 MONTHS OLD??? So cool. And fascinating.