Monday, March 1, 2010

April Showers

The ole' song says April Showers bring May flowers. Yes, I agree. Maw Maw was born in the month of April. She is a bouquet of the freshest sweetest flowers in heaven! She is my Mom's Mom and was one of the most agreeable people to be around I have ever known. I never saw her get frazzed or even too upset. I miss her phone calls, her voice, her hugs, her burps( the last few years..she was getting good at them) and just being with her. She is my hero.
Here is another April Shower bringing a may flower. I can't wait to see what kind of flower she is in heaven!She was born in the month of April also.This is my Grannie. My Dad's Mother. She demonstrated so much persistence and bravery. She was widowed at the young age of 42 and worked so hard to take care of her family. I miss her voice, her notes in the mail, her prayers for me( I know I could count on them) and just being able to go to her house and find her cooking something delicious in the kitchen. I would have to say she is my hero, too.

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