Saturday, April 3, 2010

Here Comes Peter CottonTail

The table is set for Easter dinner. Everyones place setting has a new packet of seeds and tomorrow there will be a "peep" on each plate. It's fun to set a happy table for the family when a Holiday arrives.

All you need is a good fabric napkin, some spring colored ribbon and I used some leftover key tag indentifiers to make name cards.
Come to dinner. Tomorrow nights menu is Deviled Eggs, Seven layer salad, Lasagna, Four Cheese bow-tie pasta, garlic bread and Chocolate Delight.

Here are some things I do around the house to make everything Springy and Eastery( is that a word?) Most of my decorations consist of the very affordable plastic Easter eggs, Easter grass, ribbon and containers around the house.
These containers were in the Dollar-bin at Target. I like their sparkle.
This Anna-lee Easter bunny welcomes everyone to the house.
If you have an empty bowl, fill it with eggs.
I wasn't quite ready to plant anything new so, the eggs will do until I get ready. These eggs are covered with pollen but, they don't even care and they'll wash off in the sink.
An old grapevine wreath, more eggs and hot glue and the front door gets a splash of color too! Happy Easter everyone!


  1. How very crafty of you. Get it? CRAFTY! YEAH!

  2. Very nice! Love the table setting. And the wreath. And the... you get the picture :)

  3. I am coveting your plates. Pray for me.