Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ghostbusters Summer 2009

We own a building downtown and it's situated in between the Federal Courthouse and the Federal Bankruptcy Building. Those two buildings are patrolled everyday by Federal Marshalls. We have made friends with them and they keep an eye out on our building. A few of them like to take a smoke break and this is their meeting place in the garage of our building.

Well, last summer we began as a family to go every Thursday night and clean the building. Each time we would leave, the prankster of the family ( you know who) would rearrange their chairs in their smoking area. Sometimes he would stack them on top of each other. Sometimes put them upside down. Sometimes scatter them all over the place. You get the idea, I'm sure. It was his calling card. So, this went on for a couple of months.

One day, Ray gets a phone call from one of the Marshalls about some parking situation and then he says, "Ray, we think we've got a ghost down here". And he proceeds to tell Ray about how every Friday morning the chairs are rearranged and they are starting to get spooked.

They thought they had a ghost on their hands! Ha Ha Ha! It was our prankster. You can imagine the laugh we all had!

So, we are still cleaning the building every Thursday and afterwards we go for ice cream. For a while we would choose a different ice cream place each week but, DQ has been winning out lately.
And this is the best ice cream cone of all time.A Chocolate Dipped Cone from Dairy Queen.

Can't you just taste it already???

It's going , going, gone.


  1. diiiiiiiipppppp cone...... mmmmmmmmmmm..........

  2. Those cones are my favorite! Who needs a blizzard?