Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tiny Dancer

I told my grandprincess that we were going to take a walk and see all the pretty flowers in the neighborhood and take pictures. She said, "oh-tay". So, we fixed her hair, put on a pretty dress and then she had to do her make-up. She had this little tube of lotion and was so serious about getting it all over her pretty little face.
So you think she's seen this done before? She takes her beauty very seriously. I love it!
We took her little chair with us but, that turned out to be a bummer for me to carry as she really wasn't so interested in having her photos made this morning. But, they are still really cute to me. We found these white azaleas first.
I have to share this one because that face she is making is all her Daddy when he was little. He basically had that look on his face for years. It is a carbon copy and it just makes me smile.
A pinecone was way more interesting to her. We had to bring it back home with us. Look how she matches the flowers with her dress. This hot pink color is my favorite and in Tallahassee right now, they are everwhere! ( except our yard)

I believe this is the only shot that she looked at me! Notice the deep burgundy on these. Just gorgeous!
These light pink ones are all over our neighborhood. ( with the exception of our yard...again)
And back to the white ones which seem to hold her attention more than the others. She's still the prettiest whether she's looking at the camera or not!
Saved this one for last as it was getting time for a nap! But, that little tired face is so kissable! And she to me is the prettiest flower of them all!


  1. Love these pictures and your little story that went along with it!

  2. What a cutie! Moisturization is a very important part of the daily face routine. :)

  3. She is the most prettiest in the world. You are the best blogger in the world!

  4. SoooooSoooooo adorable! She has the cutest facial expressions!