Saturday, September 25, 2010

Summer Wind

You may have wondered what we did all summer. You may already know. But, let me just say that the wind that blew through here was long and hot and that's all I have to say about that. So, I thought for this post ( warning: lots of photos ahead), I would share a few things that Baby Girl did this summer. By the way, I have missed blogland for a couple of months and now that I am back set up, I may bombard blogland with a new vigor! Onward!
Baby Girl turned two years old! Got a Moma Catty thirteen layer chocolate cake of her very own.

She got some princess toys but, her big thing was her playhouse that her Daddy built her. It's complete with a slide, a rock climbing wall, swings. It's just awesome!

She also got some "Dorothy shoes" and a "ToTo" in a bag. She loves the Wizard of Oz. ( I think that's because her last name is Hanselman) and that's what she wants to be for trick or treat this year. By the way, she is an amazing singer. Yes, on demand she can sing"Somewhere over the Rainbow" and it is stunning!

We tried out Zoinks for the first time. She was a little spooked at first. So many kids, very loud, sweaty, etc. But, this face she's making was the "I just conquered my fear and am having a blast" face. She played so hard.

She and her friend drove the cars. Love, love that they don't know yet that you are to put quarters or tokens in them. They were just happy to be in it pretending.

Where do you want to go? I don't know, where do you want to go? Isn't that precious?

Yay! Conquering the big kid slide. I might have been the only nervous Grandmom in the place but, she had some help. Coming up in the next shot.

Oh, yes, there's her new buddy. He was so helpful to her the whole afternoon. It was way cute!

Then one day, a trip to the Capitol and the Dolphin fountain is becoming her favorite place to see. Do you know what she says? Nay, throw money? So, yes, I, Nay, get out the pennies and she starts tossing!

A super, super hot day to be doing this. The wind blowing off the fountains was sweet.

We got our own tour of the House of Representatives. And however nice that was......

She was bored stiff and decided to sit in the stroller and have some juice. I thought she made the right choice.

On the observation floor of the Capitol looking out over Tallahassee you can see my most favorite part of this city we live in....the baby girl that I love the most!

Then one Sunday afternoon, she got a pedicure with Mommy, Aunt Rachie and Nay. She was so big sitting in the chair. Way cute.

She made friends with Shoo-Shoo ( atleast that's what I thought they were calling her).

She chose the pink. How fun! Two years old and her first real pedicure! Spoiled you say? Absolutely!

The after shot of all our toes. She calls them Tuddies.

There was some time to test drive a 1966 Corvette Convertible with her Pop Pop. "Yes, Pop Pop, this is the car I want in fourteen years, please."

See her little head. It was hard to reach the pedals but, she'll grow into it.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope to not wait so long for the next blog.