Sunday, November 21, 2010

True Colors

I love, love, love the fall colors. They just might be
my favorite. Even though we live in Sunny Florida
and most trees are green, we do get some beautiful fall
trees to look at. I thought I would share a few.
This one I ride by everyday and it's changing
each day. It's just got a little of everything!
Did you know this beautiful color on leaves
actually comes because the leaves are dying?
There is beauty in death.
Well, you know me! I couldn't just put up photos of trees when
the cutest girl in the world is around! Here is some nice color.
See? Pop Pop's shirt is a nice orangey color, the walls are yellow,
and Baby Girls shirt is aqua. There's color in the house and nothing
is cuter to me than them playing together.
How about some green and purple??
And for veterans day some red, white and blue!
With some pink, of course.
Okay, back to the trees and leaves. Sorry.
Please forgive a Grannie like me!
I love the deep reds and burgundy.
This is very appropriate for a town that the
FSU Seminoles live in.
This tree is just gorge!
This is the end of my tree tour.


  1. Oh that last tree makes me wanna go dig it up and plant it in my yard! If that were possible... :)

  2. gorge?

    Lovely pics. I love our bit of fall in N. FL