Monday, November 29, 2010

Thank God I'm A Country Boy

I thought I would share what our Thanksgiving was like this
year. We had a wonderful time with family and friends and even
made new friends that celebrated with us.

Decorating for Thanksgiving is fun and easy. Pinecones are
free and in abundance. We glued these to syrofoam cones for
centerpieces and used bigger pine cones on the tables with
candles and everything was looking good.

I bought 30 of these glass plates way back in the last century.
They were one dollar each and everytime we have a big crowd,
out they come. So versatile and popular! I put a leaf under
every plate. For the first time in years and I mean years.....
We used my Great Aunt Hoties silverware. It looked very shiny
and seems like it got the job done in feeding everyone.

My Mom's Annlee dolls that were pilgrims were on a table
and they were grinning at everyone the whole time.

Another Annalee pilgrim bearing a pumpkin.

For the first time this year, I made a Book of Thanks.
Everyone signed their name and what they were
thankful for this year and we will get it out every year
and add to it. It will be fun to look back on it after we
have done it for a while.
My most sweetest Grandaughter helped with the decorations
a lot this year and she put these pinecones here on the lanterns.
( I totally forgot to light the candles...oops)
And every pinecone hanging here was picked up in the yard
by her.
And.....she helped me tape all the leaves to the windows.
So the feasting began at 6 because we were so
blessed to feed some of the FSU football players
and they had practice that day. They were preparing
for the FSU/UF game. It's kind of a big deal and we
were so excited they could come eat with us.
( This picture was soooo staged.....sorry Zac-o)
Some of the players enjoying their meal. By the way, we had 3
turkeys and 2 hams. Yep...that's a lot. There were 8 of them.
2 Creels. 3 Flemings. 7 Ganguzzas. 8 Hanselmans and 1 Roshad!
The guys enjoy talking smack and playing pool. Alot!
Some of the feast. Yum. More yum.
The desserts. Red velvet cake. Chocolate layer cake.
Sweet potato pie. Pumpkin crisp. Fudge and cookies.
Mother made matching FSU aprons for the cousins!
E J Manuel and Michael. Yep.
He'll be the starting quarterback next year
for the Noles.
Rodney Hudson and Rachel. Yep.
He'll be playing in the NFL next year.
The whole gang. What a blessing to share
this day with everyone!
Praise the Lord! Great things He has done!
Here goes....left to right. Zac, Debbie,Jason, Angelo, Terri, Stewart
Michael,Isabella, Kiera, Ashleigh, Justin, Juliette, Rachel, Ray,
Jana, Antwon Greenlee, AJ Ganguzza, David Spurlock, Alexa,
Joel, Dan Fuse, Rodney Hudson, EJ Manuel, Mister Alexander,
Roshad, Mother ( Catty), Daddy ( Lamar) and Buddy

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  1. Looks like a wonderful time, Jana. I'm sure it was fun feeding those great big football players.