Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tea For Two

I have to tell you about our tea parties we have been having around here the whole month of December. We have one almost everyday and all the family members have been included. Years ago my Mom in law gave me this cute little teaset for Christmas because it matched my Christmas dishes. I thought, day if I have a Grandaughter, we will have tea parties with it. Well, last year I thought she was not quite old enough but, this, she's just the perfect age!
And todays tea party guest was Uncle U.Z. He's out of school and such a great Uncle to play with.

Most the time, we eat goldfish and marshmellows with our Chocolate Milk. But, the gold fish were M.I.A. for some reason. So, today some other Christmas treats. She sits so still and is so careful because it's "breakable" and we do talk a lot about how breakable it is. It just fascinates her.

She likes to pour a little "white" milk into the chocolate milk just so she can use the cute little spoon and stir.

Here she is drinking and as hard as she tries and talks about. Those pinky fingers will just not stick out. But, oh so cute to see her try and she was telling U.Z how to do it right this morning.

They were doing "cheers" with their little tea cups.

A mouthful of chocolate amd marshmellows!

Baby Jesus and the Angel get to particpate sometimes too.

And we wipe our mouths like little ladies when we are finished. I have been so blessed to be able to do this with her this Christmas Season. In just 3 more days, we will pack it away and get it out again next year.

And this year, she and I made a paper chain for the tree. I hope she'll remember the little traditions that I have started with her !
Merry Christmas to all and may God Bless you immensely!

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