Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Downtown Tallahassee at Christmas time means one thing to me. Well, more than one thing but, the thing this post is about is that this is the last time in the year that I can buy and eat a funnel cake.
Look at all the happy opportunities to purchase and knosh a yummy delicious funnel cake.

Nothing says Merry Christmas quite like this sign. Wow! I am in funnel cake heaven.
And it keeps going. Who to buy from? This year we got one at every Downtown get down. But, one time there were no funnel cake booths and I was completely and utterly devastated. Okay, not completely but, it was a really sad Friday night.

Look at all that deliciousness on a plate. Yum. I can't explain my love for this food. The only thing better than this one funnel cake is......

Yes....two funnel cakes. But, don't think I am a pig. I was sharing with my family

It was my parents 51st Anniversary and we all were there together enjoying Tallahassee's lights and parade and Ray even ran in the Jingle Bell Run.

And to top off a wonderful night. Miss B got to meet Rudolph.

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