Sunday, March 27, 2011


Sometimes in your life you get a chance to be a part of something really special. Something that involves a lot of different people. People you know and people you don't know. It only comes around to a few people. That happened to me. And I will have this in my heart forever.

The Musical, "13" by Jason Robert Brown.

Leon High School has the greatest Performing Arts Department

E V E R!

I was priviledged to be in their band as they performed this show last October and they did soooo good that they were invited to perform it at State in Tampa on March 18th. And they took us, the band with them. I mean there is some serious talent within this group of teenagers. They can sing. They can dance. They can act. They can make you laugh. They can make you cry. And they make me SMILE everytime I see them.

The teachers that worked with them are the very best and they were able to get the very best performance out of each one there. I met some teens that I will never forget and I already miss seeing them.
This show covered all aspects of the musical theatre world. The stage hands and sound techs were so professional and worked so hard in Tallahassee and in Tampa. The sets were very professional and the lighting was A plus plus.

The music in this show was a challenge for me personally and it took me a solid week of playing hours a day to get where I could read through it. Jason Robert Brown doesn't keep anything simple and I am so glad to say I can play some of his music now. And if you know anything about key signatures. Lets just say that the more flats and sharps, the better he likes it.

The way it works is the school rents the music books for a hefty price and we can use them but, we have to return them when the show is over. I miss my book already as I just love those songs.

I'll be singing them the rest of my life.

The show was centered around a boy, Evan, who was about to turn, "13" and everything in his life was a pending disaster. His parents divorced, he had to move away and make new friends and go to a new school. He was going to have his "Bar Mitzvah" and needed cool kids to come to his party.

He goes to great lengths to make friends and it all blows up in his face. The show covers many of the topics that 13 year olds face every day.

It ends with a song, that the kids absolutely nail time and time again.

I never failed to get musical chill bumps at every practice and performance.

I was able to take my Grandprincess along to several rehearsals over this 5 month period and she rarely missed a show when they were performing.

During that time, she memorized almost every word to every song and she learned all the dance moves . had her first crush on the main character, Evan. That's him above in the Yankees shirt.

I really think a few of these teens are going to take that talent a long way.

They will be fabulous at whatever they do.

But, a few are going on to do Theatre after graduation.

You can watch some of the bigger numbers on YOUTUBE and we pretty much watch atleast one everyday!

I think we are addicted.

Yep. Pretty sure we all are. The whole family.

Stew played the drums.

Jay played Guitar 2, accoustic and electric.

They are brothers.

Jon played keyboard 2

And Jason played bass.

They are brothers.

My son, played Guitar 1, accoustic and electric.

And I played keyboard 1 and we are Mom and Son.

It was a family band and we enjoyed it more than we can say.

I think we all are having withdrawals. Here's a shout out to the teens of "13" who totally knocked it out of the park with their talent and thanks for letting me be a part! I love you all!