Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

This week we were able to take a little trip to visit relatives in North Florida and Alabama. It's my Dad's side of the family and we went by my Grannie's old house. She lived on the corner of Faith Street and Creel Street. I love that. She was a Creel who lived her life by faith.
My grandprincess and her cousins were all buckled up in the back ready to take the trip. And though, they are age 20 months, 2 and 4.....they already knew how to ask the question.
Are we there yet?

We stopped by the cemetary where my Great Grandparents, my Grandparents and other "Creel" relatives are buried.

My Mom and my Aunt were replacing the urn flowers and they were completely stuck. They had a nice game of tug-o-war.

My Grandaddy and Grandmother.

Since this is another generation of "Creels", they weren't able to ever know their Great-great grandparents.

This is my Dad and his two brother and his baby sister. My Uncle had a great big tractor and it was hard to keep the kids off of it!

This is my Mom and my three Aunts.

This is my Uncle. We have always called him Uncle Monk. ( short for Monkey). I have never found out why. But, I love him. He's a great story teller and this is his first Grandson who lives far away so, they were really enjoying being around him.

My other Uncle had a "mule"and we all got a long nature ride on it. The little ones had a great time.

My four year old cousin was thrilled when the tractor was cranked up and he got to take a ride with his other cousin.

There are all the cousins that were there that day. It's fun to see everyone. Our family has gotten to be huge!

And on the trip home. We had three completely pooped little younguns. They all slept the whole way. It's a blessing to spend a day with extended family. I am thankful !

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  1. Wow! How amazing that you have so much family nearby! You are really blessed!!