Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Days Of May

May has had a lot going on.
It starts off the with kick off of swimming season. Isn't she the cutest?
And the discovery of a new nail polish. It's called Shatter Polish and you put a coat over an under color and you get this awesome crackle look. I love!
More pool time with my favorite girls.
It's officially "kini" season!
And baby girl likes to bake so we spent an evening making cupcakes.
No cup cake is complete without sprinkles.
We also took a Sunday and went back to the church that my Dad pastored when I was 5 and 6 years old. See the house to the right? That's where we lived. Right there next to the church on the property.
I hadn't been back there in about 39 years. Wow. It was really nice to be back. I actually did remember some of the people there.
My oldest son turned 27. Whew, that makes me.....err...ummmm....older, I guess.
My youngest son went to the Prom.
Aren't they just gorgeous? I took a couple of hundred photos of them. That's all.
So sweet,
And speaking of sweet. I was spoiled by a few of my favorite things because it was Mothers Day and my birthday.
Purple balloons I love and it makes turning another year older not as upsetting as it could be.
Flowers from my daughter. Beautiful.
Cheesecake # 1.
Birthday cake # 1. Guess who took a bite?
Cheesecake # 2.
They did spoil me for sure. This month has brought a lot of things and I am thankful for them all!


  1. Man! I think I would weigh 700lbs if I lived at your house! Your pictures of cake and cupcakes make my mouth water!!!!