Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mr. Sandman

Well, this is a first for me and possibly for you.

I am more of a visual person and posting a blog without a picture is just ... well...against the law!

I guess in Jana's law.

I love to see a picture with words.

I think I used my Childs Picture Bible until I got married! But, to walk in my bedroom and take a picture of an old, dilapidated pillow...well...just couldn't do it.

( it really ain't pretty)

So, here's my story.

It's bedtime.

We are going to bed.

I get distracted with some picking up and putting away and by the time

I take out my contacts,

brush my teeth,

wash my face,

put on my eye cream and lotion, Ray Ray is fast asleep. It was a long day.

So, I take some time to put on more lotion.

Strange thing that women over the age of 40 do alot.

Then I surf a few channels and get caught up in a mystery and about an hour later, I am ready to get some sleep.

I have two pillows.

One for my head.

One for inbetween my legs.

I started doing that for comfort when I was pregnant 27 years ago and I seriously cannot sleep without it there.

The one that goes inbetween my legs is my most favorite earthly possesion. It is a pillow that Ray Ray bought my for Chrismas about five years ago and it is the softest pillow....EVER.

And the pillowcase is from some sheets I bought years ago from TJ Maxx and they are just soft.

I mean so soft.

I mean hugging this pillow is a spiritual experience.

I mean really, if this pillow was missing I would cry.

I would grieve.

I once loaned it to my Daughter in law

to hug on while she was in labor and the week it was gone, I hardly slept at all.

So back to that night. I reach for my pillow and it isn't there.

A different pillow is in it's place. I look all around.

Well, it's dark. I feel all around.

I can't find it.


I keep feeling and worst possible's under Ray Ray's head. He accidentally took my pillow. He accidentally took my pillow!!!

I seriously was starting to have heart palpitations.

I didn't know what to do.

He was so tired and just having such a peaceful sleep with my, my, special love pillow and I can't sleep without it snuggled inbetween my legs and up near my chest and me hugging it. So...the battle begins in my mind.

Me: I can't sleep without it.

me: But, he's had such a long day and you don't want to wake him up.


Me: If you pull it out and switch it really quickly, he might not even notice.

me: He would notice.


Me: I need that.

me: He's having such a good time with it.

Me: I'm not gonna sleep good and I'll be so tired in the morning.

me: He has to work all day and don't you want him to have a better nights sleep more than you?

Me: Yes.

*more crickets*


So, I left the pillow under his precious sleeping head.

I took the substitute pillow and got as comfortable as I could and eventually drifted off to sleep.

And I did sleep.

And I wasn't tired in the morning.

And I was surprised.

( really surprised)

And when I was making up the bed the next morning, I made sure the pillow was put back on my side. I guess I can do without it. But, until it completely falls apart, I don't want to!


  1. I've had that exact same conversation before! It's amazing that we adults have Lovey's just like our babies do!