Monday, July 25, 2011

You Make Me Feel So Young

So, where do you go to celebrate a very special birthday for a very special person?
You could go anywhere and I'm going to tell you he would have been happy if we went to Whataburger! But, we took about an hours drive down to Alligator Point for some fresh Florida seafood.
You can't beat these views.
The crowd was low and we had a nice family dinner to celebrate with my Dad for his birthday. Not just any birthday.
A big number.
But, if I told you what number it was, you would think I was joking.
For real.
We could have dined outside but, if you don't know Florida this time of year...
Well, it's as hot as ( you fill in the blank)_______.
So, we chose the air conditioning.
Good choice.
Very good choice.
We went to Angelos. This place has been around for years but, one hurricane a few years back took it completely down and it took them a while to rebuild. But, they did and this was my first time going back since the rebuild.
Here's the birthday boy with his great-grandaughter out on the deck before dinner.
Warning if you are the least bit hungry, the next few photos will be very disturbing.
I would suggest you turn back now.
The food is as delishious as it looks.
Really, it is.
Uncle Larry ordered these heads on shrimp.
I wondered why they called them heads on.

Daddy didn't mind eating them one bit! Ha ha!
Actually they say with the heads on, the flavor is better. But, no-one really ate one of the heads. Thank goodness!
I was about to get sick.
Look at Kiera and Michaels seafood platter!
Oh yum!
Some broiled amberjack.
One of my favorites of all time.
Some broiled flounder.
Just divine.
Mother baked Daddy his favorite cake and brought it along with us.
German Chocolate!
Looks great, doesn't it?
They all said it was delish.
I didn't try it.
Don't think it's because I was being good.
I just am not a fan of anything that has cocunut on it.
I know....very...very...imature!!!
My beautiful parents!
Lamar and Catty!
The whole gang.
I am thankful for another year with my Daddy and look forward to all the Lord will do through Him for the next 100 years!!!!
Happy Birthday, Daddy!


  1. So glad to see that Zach was able to go with you guys!!!

  2. Thanks, Paige. It was his first outing other than Dr. appointments and it wore him out.

  3. Great pictures! I think our dinner club is going there in September. Can't wait!