Saturday, September 3, 2011

You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman

What do you do when you have a yard sprinkler system and it's maybe an eyesore and looks like this and you just want your yard to be "ever so attractive"?
Well, you put a big box like this over it, right?
And then it just blends right in and no one would ever ever in a million years notice it.
No, you go to the plastic rock store and you get yourself one of these!!!
Or how about one like this?
And this one under the tree.
It just looks like it grew right out of the ground.
Oh so natural. I mean everytime I ride by, I think to myself , "wow...that rock just looks so natural." And then I giggle a little bit.
And a deep apology to all my neighbors for poking fun.
And a deep thank you to them also for making me enjoy my car rides by their homes.

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