Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Can't Stop Loving You

My Mother had another birthday this year.
A big number birthday.
Seems those are happening way too much around here!
But, every year is another one to celebrate.
This is her with her only Great Grandaughter.
We celebrated her special day at her house this year.
Michael and Kiera hosted a delicious dinner at their home.
Daisy Doak is one beautiful dog!
Look how she poses.
She gets really happy when everyone comes over to her house.
While dinner was cooking, baby girl showed off her toys and climbling skills.
That is not a rope.
It's Rapunzels white hair and she let it down and baby girl climbed up it.
A girl and her dog chilling under the fig tree.
Michael and Poppa overseeing the grilling of the chicken.
Yum! Have you ever had this recipe?
We call it Poppa's Grilled Chicken and the sauce you put over it is so yummy.
Definantly everyone in our families favorite.
Rachie behind the tent net.
Only because she is doing everything that baby girl is telling her to do while they play.
Mother and her first Grandaughter in law, Kiera.
Mother and her birthday buddy, Zac
. He was born just two days before her birthday back in 1992.
Since she is about the best cake baker in the world, we didn't even attempt to make her a cake but, her next favorite desert is homemade ice cream so, Michael and Kiera made that for her.
It was delish!
Happy Birthday to my Mother!
I love you and am thankful for another year to share!

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