Monday, October 10, 2011

That Face

My Grandprincess picked out a little pumpkin at the grocery store this week.
She drew a face on her pumpkin and it's just pretty awesome.
She did two eyes, a nose and a mouth.
We think it's the cutest little pumpkin we've ever seen.
So, we had to take some photos!
Look how proud she is of her creation.
Now, who would be scared of this little fella?
But, since I am talking about a "face", let me show you my most favorite face!
This face has stolen my heart and I never want it back.
She has so many different expressions.
All of these were brought on by me saying a word.
And oh my goodness, there aren't enough words to tell my love for that smile and laugh.
I love this picture of us.
Other than my strange-looking nostrils.
And the love between a Grandmother and Grandaughter is one of the most special things in my whole life.
What a blessing.
That face, that face,
that fabulous face
It's clear I must beware
I'm certain if I fall in love
I'm lost without a trace
But, its worth it for that face.

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