Saturday, October 22, 2011


Well, it's that Halloween time of year and I usually like to make something, some craft, some decoration to put around the house for festivity purposes.
So, I saw some cool bottles decorated at a store and thought....aha...we can do that!
And it turned out even cuter than I thought it would.
So, all you need are some empty wine bottles. And...if you don't have any, just go through our neighbors recycle bins on Sunday evenings.
They are full!
You'll need some spray paint.
I found that the glossy paints worked a lot better but, it did take quite a few coats on each bottle.
I used black and some orange I had leftover.
It was this Krylon type but, just orange not gold.
Take them out and give them some good coats and then we found some printables on the internet and printed them up and modge-podged them to the bottles.
How about these?
Just kind of creepy looking, right?
Which I think is part of the fun for Halloween decor.
We found this black bird at the local DT.
Also, the ping pong ball eye balls.
Aren't they quite convincing?
I just like that they look like they came like this and um...yes, we made them ourselves.
How about this one?
Zombie juice.
Just sitting on the shelf in the bathroom.
Just waiting for someone to drink and them turn into a zombie!
Oh, no, just joking. The bottles are empty.
And I like this one in the dining room.
He just fits right in with the other pumpkin decor.
We found the little skull at the DT and it was a perfect topper.
Now for another little Halloween project.
If you have some empty jars, don't recycle or toss! Make them into candle holders.
This jar had Walmart brand Lime Salsa in it.
Have you tried it? It's pretty good.
Any empty jar with the label taken off will do.
Then you need your modge podge.
This stuff is just fanstasic.
I mean. Truly fantastic.
You can do so many crafts with it.
Then cute some strips of white or orange tissue paper.
I happened to have both so, we made a ghost and a pumpkin candle holder.
Okay. I will be honest.
I did this with my three year old Grandprincess and we had modge podge everywhere.
I mean in our hair. On the table. Up our noses.
But, it cleans off well.
You just put the MP on the glass and use is as a glue to glue the strips of tissue paper all over it and then seal it with a another coat of MP.
It dries rather quickly.
Then get a sharpie and draw on some faces.
If you don't have a sharpie then shame on you!
They are the worlds most wonderful pens.....E V E R!
I am not being endorsed by them. I just pretty much LOVE sharpies!
And look!
How cute is this!
We made a couple for my Mom and then one for my Grandaughter to take home and then these little fellas sit in the window sill each night.
I just love them and how easy was that?
I think the song "Thriller" is the coolest scary song there is.
'Cause this is thriller, thriller night
There ain't no second chance against the thingwith forty eyes
You know it's thriller, thriller night
You're fighting for your life inside a killer,thriller tonight

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  1. Love the jars! I like the bottles but a little too scary for me! ;)