Sunday, February 26, 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

We celebrated another birthday a couple of weeks ago.
My Mother in laws.
I was talking about what to cook and what to do and my sweet Grandaughter said, we should give her a "Dorothy party". Which meant a Wizard of Oz Party. That is one of our all time favorites and since her name is Dorothy. Wala! We had a theme.
We only bought a couple of things because I save all things birthday around here and we had fun trying to make the place look festive.
Green streamers and some homemade signs gave Miss Dorothy a nice birthday welcome when she came in the door.
Rachel really didn't think I would take this picture, let alone publish it. Ha!
I guess birthdays bring out the crazy in her.
We used an old Wizard of Oz calendar and cut photos out of it to decorate the table with and then we used construction paper to cut out "poppies".
The yellow tablecloth was the yellow brick road. The red napkins were for the ruby red slippers and the light blue ribbon on the candle sticks were for Dorothy's dress.
Here was the centerpiece on the buffet.
The green glasses were from the Emerald City.
We had fun finding things around the house to use and we just wanted Grandma Hanselman to feel special for a little while.
She loves mexican food. So we had TinMan Tacos.
And also a delicious Cowardly Lion Chicken Enchilada Casserole.( got the recipe off of Pinterest...very yum!)
Also some Scarecrow Tortilla Soup.
Then for the birthday desert. We called it the Ruby Red Slippers Cake. It had strawberries all in it. It was delicious!
And of course, some birthday gifts for her.
To top off a wonderful family birthday night. Our very own impressionist sang "Somewhere over the rainbow" to all of us about 15 times.
It made all of us cry a little. She wore her "Dorothy" dress, too.
She even acted it out while she sang. It was awesome!
HappHHappy Birthday, Grandma and may you have many many more "Dorothy" birthdays!