Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's Not Easy Being Green

My Mom came over while I was feeling sickly this week and brought 2 things.
Some light green mesh ribbon and some pipe cleaners.
I already had an old grapevine wreath.
She showed me how to make something really beautiful.
First you take the pipe cleaners and space them all around.
I think we used 12 of them and have them tucked behind the grapevines and
evenly spaced them around.
Then she took the mesh and started doing this with it.
And then some of this.
And you go around the wreath making one loop point toward the inside and one loop point toward the outside.
And then you go around the wreath one more time doing the opposite that you did before.
It took her hands and mine to hold it down and she did all the fluffing.
And when it's all completed....
Wala! A beautiful spring wreath for the front door!
With this lime green color all the pollen will just blend right in!
Hope you like it!
It makes me smile when I come in the front door!
Jesus is risen!


  1. What?? Amazing transformation from plain ole wreath and some green stuff to Wowza!! Super cool. Super cool.