Friday, August 24, 2012

Castle on a Cloud

Our little grandaughter really grew up this summer.  

She tackled the swimming under water thing and we can't stop smiling while we watch her. She is a fish. Or is she a mermaid? Hmmm....

She was only three years old. That's very impressive in our book!  

I guess the olympics this summer was inspiring to her. She also went to see Les Miserables two times and she now knows all the songs from it and we listen to it in the car and sing along. A lot!

She also turned another birthday old! She's four! Already! Wow! And this year her gift was hiding behind this sheet.

Oh wow! A red retro pottery barn kitchen! She loves it!

I don't think her Mom and Dad can keep her away. She's a fabulous cook already!

Isn't that smile amazing? Also two days before her fourth birthday, she started her academic career. She is in 4k now.

A homemade birthday cake after a yummy pasta dinner and she was having a great birthday!

She also got girl legos and those are fun to play with with her Pop Pop.

After pre-school, a lunch at Red Elephant with an elephant ear for desert! And
 guess what? She will soon be a big sister! So, see how she has grown this summer. Wow.

I know I love being her "Nay" and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

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  1. Awww....and now you'll have another little precious bundle to play with as well! You guys are blessed!!!! :)