Monday, May 21, 2012

As Time Goes By

A lot has been going around here the past couple of months.
 I'll share some of it with you if you like.
One thing is for sure....
time is passing by ever so quickly!

Rachel, my daugther and Ray, my husband celebrated another birthday!
She turned 26.
He turned 51.
We call celebrated together with lunch at Whataburger and grilled steaks at
Poppa and Moma Catty's house.

We just have a thing for Whatabuger and even ate there for Mother's Day this year also.
Zac has been doing a lot of bass fishing on the lake and is just catching them like crazy!
He throws them all back so they can get bigger.
Everyone likes to come to our house and fish with Zac.

 My daughter in love, Kiera celebrated another birthday also.
 She turned 27.
 We had a nice Italian Dinner here at the house.
 I made her her very own hot pink solo birthday cup.
Oh and I celebrated another birthday.
I turned 46. Wow. I didn't know people lived to be this old.
We celebrated by all eating Chinese food for lunch. ( that's my favorite)
Here are my prodigy!

These are my parents, Lamar and Catty.
We had a delicious dinner over at their house that night.
Everyone spoiled me rotten.
I am so rotten I am stinking.

My Grandprincess had her first dance recital.
She had both sets of Grandparents in the audience watching her along with two Great Grandmothers and one Great Grandfather, 2 aunts and 1 Uncle.
 We were all so proud and she was the most beautiful things!
Everyone brought her so many flowers that she needed help carrying them.
Aren't they just an adorable family?
And then one more birthday and our birthday season is finished for a couple of months.
My son, Michael had a birthday.
He turned 28.
How can that be?
I thought I was only 28.
Oh ouch....I'm 46.
I made a decopauged M with pictures of him when he was a little boy and we put his face on a Pirate Pinata.
He thought it was funny.
 I did too.
We hung it up on the basketball goal and let Miss B swing and swing and she had so much fun.
After a while we got her Daddy to try and finally all the candy came out.
I hope you've enjoyed seeing what our family has been doing since March.
We need a break from all the birthday cake!

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