Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Boy Blue

Today is May the 31st.
On May 31st, 1991, I had a baby boy.
He was too early.
19 1/2 weeks.
He weighed less than a pound.
He was five inches long.
He was our son.
We loved him.
He was already gone.
But, I know the arms of my Savior welcomed him in.
I think of him everyday.
I wonder what he would look like.
Would he have had brown eyes like his Dad and his brothers and sister?
Of would he have had green eyes like me?
Would he be musical and comical like his brothers?
Would he be serious and more sensitive like his sister?
Would he have played sports? Ran for class president?
Would he like to fish?
Would he love coca-cola?
I will never know here on this earth.
But, I know. I know.
I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that one day...
we will meet. He is with Jesus.
We will unite one day.
2 Samuel
But, now he is dead, wherefore should I fast? can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but,he shall not return to me.

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